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What makes you wild about Kinder Scout?

Perhaps it’s the vastness of the large moorland Plateau, the weathered gritstone rock, the history of the mass trespass, or a combination of things that draw you in. This is a good place to expand your curiosity.

Wild About Kinder Podcast is a platform for interviews with people who appreciate this landscape. Guests are invited to talk about why they love it here, what makes it special and unique to them, and how their personal experiences relate to a sense of connection.

The core  aim is to create an accessible resource for people to listen to stories, to learn about important issues in a relatable and engaging way, and to bring together a feeling of community and connection between the people who appreciate Kinder Scout.

Recorded outside on Kinder Scout and

in the surrounding villages.

Notice the natural sounds of different seasons while you listen to each episode.

A variety of interviews with people who feel a special connection with Kinder Scout.

Learn about the geology, ecology, history and people of Kinder Scout.

Photo by Sam Devito (2).jpg

Hosted by Sarah Lister

This project was born out of a realisation that many people share my fascination with Kinder Scout.

By living in Edale, qualifying as a Hill & Moorland Leader, and sharing many walks and conversations up there, I've learned so much about this special place. My aim is to share that knowledge and the unique stories that I've heard.

My main interest is to find out why people return here time and time again. What makes it special? Why do people feel a unique connection here? 

Please join me in my quest to simply celebrate the place that changed my perspective on life.

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