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Wild About Kinder Podcast

The Wild about Kinder series delves deep into the rich range of knowledge and experiences of Sarah's guests, all people with a strong connection with 'the people's mountain'. Sarah's gentle, thoughtful questions draw out fascinating insights. If you love this place you'll love these podcasts!Peter Judd

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Complete the form below to share your first encounter with Kinder Scout and why the experience had a strong impact on you, or write about what makes you feel
connected to the mountain and the surrounding area. This is the place
to share your unique story on the website.

You can also email the podcast host:

What makes you wild about Kinder Scout?



“For those of us who walk Kinder it’s a magical place. The fantastic thing about your podcast is that it sheds new light on its flora and fauna, it’s geology and above all the people who love it and invest their time it.”



“A relaxed chat with some passionate and knowledgeable interviewees across a wide range of subjects. Seems effortless and never forced.”


I really enjoy listening to Wild About Kinder. It's a place I know well but it is fascinating to learn what other people know and love about the area. Keep them coming! 

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