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Interview with Jody Vallance - Communication & Engagement Officer at Moors For The Future

Discover the peat bogs and erosion gullies characteristic of Kinder Scout through the words of Jody Vallance, Communication & Engagement Officer at Moors For The Future Partnership. Listen to this interview to find out about Jody’s first experience and impression of Kinder Scout, why you might come across gully blocking materials such as piles of stones while walking up on the plateau, and how the Moors For The Future Partnership is working towards restoring and conserving its moorland landscape. At the end she describes what makes her wild about Kinder Scout.

Jody Vallance is a Communications and Engagement Officer at Moors For The Future Partnership based in Edale, Peak District. She has been in this role for five years and her work involves communicating about the amazing blanket bog habitat of the Peak District and South Pennines, and the work of the Partnership. She does this through face to face engagement at events with the Bogtastic Experience, walks and talks, as well as through digital channels and the press. Prior to that she worked for the National Trust and as a teacher. She grew up in the Peak District and enjoys cycling, running and walking.

Listen to the interview

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Recording date

This interview was recorded on Kinder Scout on 4th November 2021.

Host & Production

Host - Sarah Lister, About The Adventure

Lead editor - Gabby Wolstenholme, The Northern Project

Coediter and art designer - Alec Boyd, The Northern Project

Supported by Peak District National Park

This project is supported by the Peak District National Park Communities Small Grants Scheme.



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