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Interview with Clare Kelly from Her on a Hill

Kinder Scout was Clare’s first ever walk in the Peak District and she’s been back many times since then. In this interview she shares the joy that she feels while walking and teaching navigation here and what it’s like to bring other people here who don’t feel confident to explore alone.

Clare is a qualified Mountain Leader and National Navigation Award Scheme Course Director. She has worked in the outdoor industry for over 20 years. She began her outdoor career working as a walking guide for Exodus, and later for Walking Women. In 2016, she set up Navigation for Women to help women develop new skills, gain confidence in their map and compass reading and put these skills into practice in the hills of the UK. Having long dreamt about running her own walking company for women, she set up Her on a Hill in 2019 to offer a range of guided walking holidays, navigation courses, and guided day walks and workshops.

Listen now to find out what makes Clare feel wild about Kinder.

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Recording date

This interview was recorded at Madwoman’s Stones, Kinder Scout, on 16th June 2023.


Host & Production

By Sarah Lister, About The Adventure

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