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Interview with photographer - John Beatty

How do you feel when you’re walking on Kinder Scout? In this interview with photographer John Beatty he talks about how he interprets what he feels in a visual way. He shares the story behind his collaborative book with Ed Douglas: Kinder Scout - The People’s Mountain. You’ll also hear about his childhood memories of walking here, which parts of Kinder Scout he particularly appreciates, and why he thinks it’s much more than being a place. At the end John describes what makes him wild about Kinder Scout, closing with a beautiful quote.

John Beatty is a nature, travel and adventure photographer. He has ventured across the world, returning with stories of his experiences of the wilderness which few have encountered. His books include The Pure Land: A Celebration of Wild Places, Sula: Seabird Hunters of Lewis, Wild Vision, and Kinder Scout - The People’s Mountain. He also publishes the annual Wild Nature Diary for the John Muir Trust. John lives in the Peak District where enjoys walking and cycling among his home moors.

Listen to the interview

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Recording date

This interview was recorded in Edale on 13th September 2022.



Host & Production

Host & Editor - Sarah Lister, About The Adventure

Art designer - Alec Boyd, The Northern Project


Artwork photography provided by John Beatty.

Supported by Peak District National Park

This project is supported by the Peak District National Park Communities Small Grants Scheme.

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