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Wild About Kinder Podcast

What makes you wild about Kinder Scout? Perhaps it’s the vastness of the large moorland Plateau, the weathered gritstone rock, the history of the mass trespass, or a combination of things that draw you in. This podcast is a platform for interviews with people who appreciate this landscape. As the host I ask guests about why they love it here, what makes it special and unique to them, and how their personal experiences relate to a sense of connection. My aim is to create an accessible resource for people to listen to stories, to learn about important issues in a relatable and engaging way, and to bring together a feeling of community between the people who appreciate Kinder Scout.

Artwork by Alec Body

Why Kinder Scout?

I first walked here in October 2016, a brave solo adventure after discovering that I could easily travel to the Hope Valley on the train from London. You should’ve seen my face as I walked up Jacob’s Ladder on to the Plateau! I couldn’t quite believe my eyes. I remember eating lunch under Noe Stool, meeting lovely people along the route, and the deep feeling of not wanting to get back on the train to London that evening. Kinder Scout really captured my attention, gave me a sense of freedom, and space to think outside of my circumstances in London. I kept coming back, and now I’m very lucky to live right below it in the village of Edale.

Spending time here has inspired me to learn navigation, to train as a Hill and Moorland Leader, to learn about nature and conservation, and to share my knowledge and experiences with other people. There are many different things that make it interesting and special to me - but what about other people and their stories? I’m going to find out and you’re invited to join me!

How the interviews are recorded

The interviews are recorded outdoors, either on Kinder Scout or with it in view. The locations will be chosen by each guest and through different seasons, so that listeners can experience unique sounds of nature in the background. For this reason, the best listening experience will be through headphones.

Who is being interviewed

Guests are invited on the show to express their connection with the landscape, to share personal stories, and to explain why it’s important to look after the National Park’s special qualities. This includes residents from Edale, Hayfield, Glossop, other villages in the Hope Valley, and also people from further afield who feel a strong connection with Kinder Scout.

I hope to improve my knowledge of the history, culture, and flora and fauna in the area, and to share this with other people who are interested, in a way that is accessible and relatable. There is a strong emphasis on the arts and local businesses, and how Kinder Scout inspires people in different ways.

There ware unique questions for each guest, but every person interviewed will be asked: "What makes you wild about Kinder Scout?" This will provide a nice collection of different responses throughout the making of the show.

I envisage it to be a two-year project because there are so many people that I would love to interview, and I know that there are many different voices to be heard.


Alec Boyd and Gabby Wolstenholme have been working with me on this project. Editing, mixing, and mastering the first four podcast episodes was undertaken by Gabby. The podcast artwork add additional soundscape editing has been created by Alec Boyd.

Supported by Peak District National Park

The first six episodes of this project is supported by the Peak District National Park Communities Small Grants Scheme.

Where is the podcast available?

You can to listen to the interviews online using podcast apps. You can also download an MP3 file for each episode. If you follow my podcast on your favourite app, such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Google Podcasts, you will be able to see when new episodes are released.

I provide show notes for every episode, including links to more information about each guest and any references made during the interviews.

You can follow updates in these ways:

Opportunities to get involved

If you’d like to be interviewed, or to suggest a guest, please email me:

Spread the word

If you enjoy listening to this podcast and you think other people will too, then I would really appreciate it if you can help me to spread the word by sharing it with your friends, family, and social media following.

Share this post and your thoughts by tagging @about.the.adventure and @peakdistrictnationalpark on Instagram, @ABTheAdventure and @peakdistrict on Twitter, with the hashtag #WildAboutKinder.


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