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Interview with Director of Creative Arts - Wayne Fallon

Kinder Scout has a special place in Wayne’s psyche. When he was a child, his father would drive regularly along the snake pass. Due to unreliable automotive mechanics they often had to take pit stops along the pass. At the time he was reading passages of Lord of the Rings to Wayne and images of the misty Snake Wood and views of Fairbrook Naze made quite an impression on this estate kid from the North West. Since then, Wayne has had many adventures on Kinder Scout and he’s on a mission to represent this beguiling place in his artwork.

In this interview, Wayne shares how terrifying tall tales and snatch sightings of Kinder Scout from afar captured his imagination and ignited his curiosity. He shares with us how, in contrast, he feels when he’s having a mooch and an amble on Kinder Scout these days; what he learns about the landscape by drawing it and how an appreciation of the practice of historical and contemporary landscape artists informs his thinking, painting and teaching practice.

Wayne is Director of Creative Arts at Redhill Academy Trust and Head of Art at Brookfield Community School.

Listen to the interview

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This interview was recorded in four parts. We met at the Winter Gardens in Sheffield for coffee and lunch before heading to a Millenium Gallery store for a private tour of a selection of stunning landscape art exhibitions selected by Wayne. A few weeks later we met in Edale for a short walk on Kinder Scout where we recorded outside close to Jacob’s Ladder. Finally, we met at the Penny Pot Cafe in Edale for a sketching tutorial and lots of coffee!

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Recording dates

This interview was recorded at:

  • Winter Gardens in Sheffield and Millennium Gallery store on 2nd August 2023

  • Kinder Scout on 28th August 2023

  • Penny Pot Cafe on 9th September 2023

Host & Production

By Sarah Lister, About The Adventure

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