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Interview with Pete Wallroth - CEO of charity Mummy’s Star

Kinder Scout is a place steeped in memory, reflection and gratitude for Pete Wallroth. In this interview he shares his personal connection with the brooding landscape through family life, loss and grief.

Pete loved walking on Kinder Scout with his late wife Mair, eventually prompting them to move to Glossop so that they could access Kinder Scout more easily. After her death at 41 he walked many of the same routes with his daughter in tow and now carrying her little brother too. In his grief and recovery he began running and his first forays into trail and fell running were to retrace and run those same routes that had brought them to the area in the first place.

Pete is the founder and CEO of the charity Mummy’s Star, set up in 2013 in memory of his wife Mair, to offer support to women diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy or within 12 months of having a baby.

This episode is dedicated to Pete’s late wife, Mair Wallroth.

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Recording date

This interview was recorded near Crowden Tower, Kinder Scout, on 7th December 2022.



Host & Production

By Sarah Lister, About The Adventure

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