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Pete's Kinder Scout Story

First proper hike I did with my late wife in 2003 brought us to Edale and up to Grindslow Knoll. Ill-prepared, wrong shoes, wearing Jeans. I mean why would you but we did and then started a love affair with the Peaks. All our walking around the plateau we loved, Northern Edge particularly as we never seemed to see anyone else there. It prompted a move to Glossop years later in 2010 and we continued to walk, carrying our daughter. After her death at 41 I walked many of those same routes with my daughter in tow and me now carrying her little brother. In my grief and recovery I began running and my first forays into trail and fell running were to retrace and run those same routes that had brought us here in the first place. Addictive, graceful, brooding, mysterious, ethereal landscape and one I’ve always been grateful to live so close to.

Written by Pete Wallroth, CEO at Mummy's Star charity.


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