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Interview about Kinder Scout with writer - Andrew Terrill

I love to imagine I’m back home on the hill that started it all for me, even though it’s worlds apart.” Andrew Terrill on Kinder Scout

A man climbing up a large boulder
Andrew Terrill bouldering on Kinder Scout - image provided by Andrew

In this interview we listen to Andrew Terrill’s memories of walking, running and bivvying on Kinder Scout and why these experiences have had such a powerful and lasting impact in his life. He says that being in nature gave him the confidence to be himself.

While listening to this episode, you’ll soon be able to tell that Andrew is a writer because of the way that he expresses himself and shares his anecdotes. He is a wonderful storyteller and reflects on his memories of Kinder with fondness. He says that he misses wandering in the mist, the sideways rain and the bogs squelching underfoot and being cold and damp.

This interview is entertaining, heart-warming and inspiring. We hear from a man who shares openly and generously about how his journeys have changed him. There’s an air of curiosity and playfulness to his storytelling that I think you’ll find really engaging. 

Andrew has written two books: The Earth Beneath My Feet (published June 1, 2021) and On Sacred Ground (published October 1, 2022). The books take readers on a 7,000-mile wilderness walk into the heart of wild nature. He also writes regularly on his blog which he describes as an outdoor diary, and shares beautiful photography. 

Listen now to find out why Andrew thinks Kinder Scout is a unique place. Click the play button below, find the episode in your preferred app, or download it here.

This interview was recorded online on 21st February 2024.


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Article - An Ode to Kinder Scout by Andrew Terrill (First published in TGO, August 2005)

Mountain Walks Kinder Scout book by Sarah Lister

Blog article - Acting my age by Andrew Terrill

Kinder Log by T. Nelthorpe (Cicerone, 1987)

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