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A guide to walking routes up and around Kinder Scout

5 things to know about my book 'Mountain Walks Kinder Scout' by Vertebrate Publishing.

Rocks on Kinder Scout on a frosty day
Frosty morning on Kinder Scout

  1. I’ve written it from the perspective of somebody experiencing Kinder Scout for the first time. Alongside walking and writing the routes, I sat among the grasses and flowers with butterflies and bees by my side, my senses reaching beyond the surface of things. I noticed nature through different seasons, such as the cuckoo and the golden plover, and brought this into the recommendations that I make in the book. 

  2. There are a few routes that don’t go up on to the plateau but still feel rich in terms of the experience. Looking up to Kinder Scout from its booths, cloughs and foothills can be just as rewarding as walking along its rocky edges or tumbling about in its peaty groughs. Even on days when mist, clag or rain prevail, I truly believe there is much to offer from the valleys below. It might be watching a dipper in the winter river, listening to the curlew along the start of the Pennine Way national trail, or the promise of warming yourself next to the fire in the Penny Pot cafe after a soggy morning.

  3. The featured sunset walk doesn’t go up Kinder Scout itself but invites you to appreciate it from a distance. I hope that this demonstrates the magnificence and character of its landscape by offering a unique perspective of its southern edge from afar.

  4. While not essential for all of the routes featured and described in the book, basic map and compass skills will be very useful, especially on days when visibility is poor which can happen at any time of the year. This is because of the nature of the moorland landscape which can be confusing, especially if you get distracted by the views or a mountain hare racing past. If you don’t have those skills yet, then I recommend spending a few hours with someone who can teach you the basics. This will help you to feel a greater sense of freedom and enjoyment in the dark peak environment. 

  5. Guidance on public transport, parking facilities, terrain and navigation, where to get refreshments, taking dogs and kids, and points of interest are featured for each walk. It’s a book for the solo walker, for small groups, for families, for couples, for everyone. I hope that your copy becomes crinkled and marked with use - rain, peat, sweaty fingerprints, pages faded by the sun and stained with coffee, sand and grit, ink and pencil. 

You can pre-order your own copy directly from the publisher. Take a look at my Events page if you'd like to join me for a guided walk on Kinder Scout and the surrounding valleys.


Do you have a question about 'Mountain Walks Kinder Scout'? Send an email to the author:


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