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Lost in the fog on Kinder Scout - John Slater

A man walking in bad weather conditions on Kinder Scout
John Slater on Kinder Scout during the Spine Race

My Dad took me on my first great adventure up there after we always viewed from afar from Mam Tor. We eventually clambered up Grindsbrook and over to the downfalls. One trip we got lost in the fog and leap frogged our way out using a compass. So exciting as I was always kept safe.

Nowadays I run solo over there most weekends or hike over from Sheffield catching the train back. Having watched Spine Races start there, I entered my first in 2019, failed, and entered again, completing in January 2022.

I aim to do it again in Jan 2025. Jacob's ladder is the only way to start such an experience.

John Slater sent in this submission about Kinder Scout, January 2024.


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